love fiction on these library sheleves

Since my late teens, I’ve read widely motivated by people who seemed to know everything. The list of people who inspired me and forced me to question everything I knew includes rappers and authors, but the most authoritative figure in my literary adventure is beyond doubt, the incredible Stephan Fry.Continue Reading

essentieal reading in great storytelling

Like any good writer, I was supposed to write something new but ended up binge-watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix. When I’m not writing, I read a lot, and the professionals tell you a good writer must read, read, read and not squander there creative days in frontContinue Reading

hogwarts house badges

I was nine or ten when I started reading a book with a red background and the protagonist’s name in yellow capital letters. The front of a red train raced from the page. The painted destination read Hogwarts Express. A bewildered cartoon figure with thin circular glasses and a lightningContinue Reading

I live to write, but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. Now, I’ve said it, it sounds like a depressing existence, but it isn’t really, it’s just my favourite pass time. It’s all I’ve done from an earlyContinue Reading

september to do list with autumn leaves, used as my blogging journey

I started my blogging journey in 2016, posting poetry and spoken word performances on SoundCloud. I built a decent following, not huge numbers, but a few supporters who engaged with my poems and helped me build my confidence. I’d never aspired to blog my opinions or tell stories because all I’d wanted to do was share my poetry.

Now, this is a story all about jokes and laughs and emotional moments that will make grown men cry. When NBC commissioned the first series of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, nobody thought the show would become a cult classic. Sure, a sitcom produced by Quincy, and starring a platinum-selling loveableContinue Reading

mushroom cloud

Jakov blinks. Everything’s dark and dust blurs the homes reduced to rubble. None stand, everything blown to bits, the street he whistled along lays in tatters, mortgages and valuables, sentimental or material, gone and destroyed in seconds. Families, friend, neighbours, all unaccounted for, is this all happening in his head?Continue Reading