When I referred to her as the love of my life I genuinely believe it was not another lie Confessions but so far from cleansing a soul Revelations, I bet she wished and hoped She didn’t know   She thought she knew me completely What turned me on but theContinue Reading


Flailing, water fills my lungs Salt takes rest upon my tongue Wander through memories made As life in a shared light fades   Years spent swimming together Wasted. A delicate endeavour    Hold me under, prevent my escape Leave me afloat amid heartbreak   Don’t walk and expect me toContinue Reading

She called it a girl’s night out And let her golden hair fall down Black satin dress clung to her hips Come and get me boys drawn on her lips   Minimum wage and an uber receipt Armani handbag, paid for with deceit Three best friends and dancing moves WithContinue Reading

I know where she goes late at night
when I roll over to an empty side.

I see everything in the glint of her eye
every one of her hopes and desires
and each individual fear she hides.