love fiction on these library sheleves

Since my late teens, I’ve read widely motivated by people who seemed to know everything. The list of people who inspired me and forced me to question everything I knew includes rappers and authors, but the most authoritative figure in my literary adventure is beyond doubt, the incredible Stephan Fry.Continue Reading

So, this year I’ve posted 68 poems, which is more than expected looking back considering I post them under the category Poem of the Week. However, when I first started blogging, I posted far more poetry than any other content. Now, I like to talk about writing, specifically my writing.Continue Reading

Let me be your approval
You’re not what they’d call normal
But they’re not perfect
The distribution of flaws isn’t equal

I’d kill anyone Who treats you the way I’ve done For what I’d call a man You’d call a fool and a sham But you placed your hand in mine Proud of the man you stood behind The more you built me up The more I put you down TheContinue Reading

All I hear is somebody died So naturally, as if it’s a part of life Well, last night, she lost her fight Cancer wins as another family cries   As you live by, die by the knife Inner-city prosperity with a violent side Streets stained with teenage lives Blood poursContinue Reading

Anything goes in this place Where poisonous dreams linger And the antidotes conformity   A prisoner’s mind is short And full of ambitious rejection Hoping to savour the air outside   It’s a bench made of familiar faces Judging us on our criminality As the sentence replaces innocence   MothersContinue Reading

william steel landscape, used on a poet is born poem by glenn thomas

I love writing, the freedom it encompasses
an outlet for anger, the emotions it manages
the depression it overcomes, the smile it provides
the priceless gift, as the anguish subsides