We’ve all got our firsts Our best and our worst We’ve all smiled before And we’ve all hit the floor   We’ve all loved and lost And with a stroke of luck, We won the lot, hit the jackpot And loved the love we got   That one ex thatContinue Reading

It’s hard to admit, but I lost the fight Tried to knock out the dints in my dented pride Chasing women, misbehaving and sinning Nobody taught me how to discuss my feelings So, I grunt out loud, expect you to understand And bow at the feet of what you callContinue Reading

I’ve learned, liars rarely tell the truth The only truth is the truth is usually loose Cheaters never play fair and break rules Heartbreakers, break hearts and make us fools   I’ve learned love is a beautiful concept A hateful reality and a vengeful consequence Infidelity is a state ofContinue Reading

I tried to sell my soul last night, But the devil, he didn’t want it He said, it’s too black and tarnished But the light inside you I can’t abolish   I reached out to God, last night And told him I can’t find my way home He told me,Continue Reading

Wildebeest roam free in peace As cheetahs feel dust beneath their feet Buffalo stampede, leopards sleep in trees Lions seek the breeze more than they eat   Zebras dance together with giraffes Roads carved out as elephants advance The silence of crickets whistling in grass It’s music to your earsContinue Reading

Look at where we are, How on earth did we make it this far? Two graduates, one with a masters So, here’s to grey goose and laughter Raise a glass to the past and partners To scratch cards, budgeting on hardships The bitter tears, the sweetest memories To lost bestContinue Reading

daffy duck as scrooge

If finding a poorly crafted, cheesy pop song An irritating rash as the world sings along Set to a background of tacky shiny tinsel Draped across the ceiling, shining superficial As fake plastic trees, illuminate the corner Wrapped up debt spilling out from its borders As a distant stranger’s thoughtsContinue Reading

I wish I could commit to you But she left me with commitment issues So, I chose your love to misuse Because I thought I couldn’t miss you How wrong was I?   I thought it was meant to be one-night That I could make last over time As ifContinue Reading

lucky friend

Spending days boasting about your success.   How lucky am I? to have a friend like you, perfectly broken with the strength to reshape the mould.   As I dream in the shadows of a life we used to lead unable to raise a finger and be the man youContinue Reading

I had an addiction to tobacco smoke Breathed in flames that made me choke As I robbed myself of the youthful glow Before I had a chance to let it grow old   I drowned in a bottle of ‘water of life.’ Educated by alcoholics who taught us right StumbledContinue Reading

Everyone’s out, searching for love Some fall from their branch of lust Quick to forgive with a broken trust Thinking clear is something no one does So, we’re prone to stupid decisions Hoping she listens, hope he isn’t drinking This hope we’re given, creating distance Because nobodies speaking to listenContinue Reading