love fiction on these library sheleves

Since my late teens, I’ve read widely motivated by people who seemed to know everything. The list of people who inspired me and forced me to question everything I knew includes rappers and authors, but the most authoritative figure in my literary adventure is beyond doubt, the incredible Stephan Fry.Continue Reading


Last month, I drunkenly dragged my friend into a bookshop despite his protests. I picked up a handful of books, and he thrust a thick 600 pager onto my pile. It was a fantasy novel. My friend assured me it was a good read, but having held it, I decidedContinue Reading

hogwarts house badges

I was nine or ten when I started reading a book with a red background and the protagonist’s name in yellow capital letters. The front of a red train raced from the page. The painted destination read Hogwarts Express. A bewildered cartoon figure with thin circular glasses and a lightningContinue Reading