To start, I owe everyone who wrote my Inspire Me to Write article because I lied and said I’d posted this poem. I want to correct that error by sharing the piece with you now. If you’ve read the post, you might remember the story behind the poem, but if you haven’t read it or can’t remember the anecdote, I’ll cut it short.

I spent a lot of my time writing poetry and aimed to write at least one new piece a day. Some poets have spoken of spending days or even weeks crafting new poems. And some poets have also talked about writing poems with speed such as one of my favourite writers, George Orwell. I like to think I could fall into the latter category. A skill I learned while rapping, writing meaningful lyrics in quick succession.

I fell into a writer’s block and went from a poem a day to nothing. It lasted for two weeks, and I rattled my brain, trying to find something to write. It was as though I’d forgotten how to rhyme. As a result, I fell into a depression.

I was on the escalator of Leicester square station when the inspiration struck. I wrote something, but I can’t remember what that piece was. It wasn’t a meaningful poem, but the importance of that poem was the creation of this piece moments later. I text a friend who I’d confided in about my struggles and began writing this. Enjoy reading the end to a poet’s writer’s block. The piece means a lot to me.


i wrote a poem today

and realised i don’t need the fame

i don’t need a fortune

i just need stories to fill the page

add colour to the white space

break the stray jacket as i escape

the invisible white walled cage

a broken writer, addicted to pain

love me or hate me,

but all i need is this space


I hope you enjoyed reading the poem as much as I enjoyed the rush experienced from writing it. I know its short, but it captures everything I love about writing. It isn’t about the material success, but the experience the artform provides. Feel free to share the poem if you like it.

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