If finding a poorly crafted, cheesy pop song

An irritating rash as the world sings along

Set to a background of tacky shiny tinsel

Draped across the ceiling, shining superficial

As fake plastic trees, illuminate the corner

Wrapped up debt spilling out from its borders

As a distant stranger’s thoughts hang off the walls

But those same people never thought to call

Just be grateful for the card that cost a penny

And shop until your bank account is emptied

So, everybody knows you love them this Christmas

And celebrate the holidays as if you were Christians

But if this means having to prove that I love you

Then call me a scrooge but the problem is you

Consumerism, and the false ideals of religion

But all I want for Christmas is food in the kitchen

The family that surrounds me the rest of the time

But you can spend it, trying to better their lies




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