I’m a criminal, I broke the law
I’m a sinner, my head hits the floor
I left her laying there, dead to the world
The night of her life, left her in a living hell
My deceitful lies bled like tears from her eyes
When she saw the truth behind my ugly disguise
I play the gentleman as I break hearts
Scratch numbers into my bedpost, let the counting start
She thanks me for building her broken confidence
Smiles at every premeditated compliment
As she stares point blank down the barrel
And every insecurity she has unravels
I’m a monster as I abuse her beauty
And use her loyalty to convince her she can’t lose me
Agree to every one of her future plans
As she tells everyone, she’s found a man
Convinced, I’m the one who’ll stick by her
And make her believe I’m not another liar
The truth is I only ever planned to hurt her
And find a way to get away with premeditated murder


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