So, this year I’ve posted 68 poems, which is more than expected looking back considering I post them under the category Poem of the Week. However, when I first started blogging, I posted far more poetry than any other content. Now, I like to talk about writing, specifically my writing. The journey that leads me to make the decisions I do. This blog is a personal journey, so it only feels right that I share my favourite twelve poems from this year, and not the twelve most viewed or twelve most popular. 

#12 Breathe Underwater – Poem #17

Flailing, water fills my lungs
Salt takes rest upon my tongue
Wander through memories made
As life in a shared light fades
Years spent swimming together
Wasted. A delicate endeavour   
Hold me under, prevent my escape
Leave me afloat amid heartbreak
Don’t walk and expect me to wake
Sail through pools of salted lakes
Drown me, in the hope you’ve slaughtered
Now let go, I can breathe underwater

#11 He Said, She Said – Poem #25

He said, “I don’t see a future with you.”
She said, “Yeah, you do.”
He said “this time we’re through”
But she flat out refused.

He said, “Come over tonight.”
She said, “Fine.”
He said, “is it cool if we can be friends
And be casual when it comes to sex?”

She never read between the lines
Of intercourse and a patriarch’s mind
So, she said everything was fine
And carried on as his bit on the side.

He said anything he had to
And she heard “I want to get back with you.”
When “let’s be friends that have sex”  
Was all he said.

She never heard a word he said
And he never understood what she meant
Because he said, then, she said
And neither of them made sense

#10 Heart of Stone – Poem #57

I don’t give thanks enough
As if I need a reason to love
Chase demons I named lust
A cheesy smile and I wish them luck
But I don’t need a reason to fuck

I don’t say the things I should do
And even if I did, I’d probably lose
Because I won’t do, what I could for you
But I’d keep a close eye or two
And defend the trust, I’m not due

I don’t admit I’m wrong
And zone out with a stereo on
I can only be reached through song
Weight on these shoulders made me strong
Bricks may crumble, but stones roll on

I don’t say this enough
But when you’re gone, it’s tough
You’re the demon I labelled lust
You gave me a reason to love
But this heart of stone’s too cold to touch

#09  I Broke Her Heart Poem #55

I broke her heart
and you called me the devil
left her begging for help with pebbles
but I was up and gone
as I ripped up the roots of her petals

She broke my heart
and you still smile at an angel
curse at me because she was unfaithful
when she was playing behind my back
Was I supposed to be grateful?

#08 Bullets From My Gun – Poem #33

Take aim with my gun
Steady my hands as bullets run
A click of a trigger can’t be undone
Hatred unleashed out of love
Wish you didn’t fall for her eyes
Or bury yourself deep within lies
Soon you’ll realise, war doesn’t hide
As the innocent willingly give their life
Was the pleasure, worth the pain?
Savour the bitter taste of her fame
Who did she say was to blame?
Did she mention them by their name?
The subject of your loveless laughs
As you lost each other in romantic bars
Did you see the light in the stolen dark?
Are you to blame for my tortured heart?
Am I guilty of a crime I didn’t commit
When all I did was love her with all my sins
Was I the angel she couldn’t forgive,
Or was it this devil she missed?
Was it a mistake to fall in love?
Was it your lust or my dreaded disgust?
Will this murder become a part of us?
Or are you faster than bullets from my gun?

#07 Gives You Away – Poem #32

To my ex-lover,
there will never be another
who will see you hurt
For better or worse.
I loved you
With all the hate, I had
And it shone brightest
When I laid you on your back
You were beautiful
The sight of the sun at noon
But I could only see it
When I pushed inside you
Loved you on your knees
So much so, I walked away
And left you pining for me
As the midday light turned grey
I demanded the truth 
Then hid behind the lies
That pushed you into his arms
And thrust you from mine
Now all I can do is replay 
Your loss of innocence
On all those videos, we made 
As your father gives you away

#06 Closed Eyes – Poem #09

I know where she goes late at night
when I roll over to an empty side.
I see everything in the glint of her eye
every one of her hopes and desires
and each individual fear she hides.
It’s easy to tell when she’s telling a lie
because she’s usually telling me, ‘it’s fine.’
She stripped naked, laid her soul on mine
wept along to a volatile storyline
not once did I see her betray her stride,
but I’ll never know the world behind
her closed eyes.

#05 Picture In My Wallet – Poem #38

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it
I found comfort in a lost prophet
And tried to capture an image of it
It had your crystal-like eyes
And a smile that made December shine
A snapshot of a moment in time
Those beautiful eyes that opened mine
The portrait of an idea conceived
There’s more to life than an angry teen
I never did believe in make-believe
But your picture made me dream
I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it

#04 My Fault – Poem #34

Tell me it’s my fault
Throw my name against the wall
Tell me I deserved it; I wasn’t worth it
And the memories I value are worthless
Why must you refuse me the truth?
I know somebody else holds you
And the reason I’ve lost my light
Is because you fall for strangers at night
Tell me it’s my fault
Your friend might believe it all
But remember, you and I know better
I’ll keep your secrets locked with our letters
You’re never coming home again
I’ll settle for memories of time well spent
But paint me the sinner, and smile in pictures
You and I know who’s the victim and victor

#03 Clockwatching – Poem #31

watching the clock as time rolls by
because life begins at half-past five
and promptly ends, on time, at nine
and all that separates life is night
and the legacy I’ll never leave behind

#02 Fractured – Poem #53

I made myself a promise to move on
and just like everyone I’ve made you
I broke it.

Now I walk over cracked glass
trying to piece the bricks together
fractured in the knowledge
you’re never coming home again.

And My Favourite Poem of The Year Is… 


#01 Redefining Luxury – Poem #21

This jacket cost a day’s wage
But damn, it looks great
Hunger pains, it won’t last thunder and rain
But man, it suits their taste
I don’t need the necessities
I’ll get by without gas and electricity
It’s a must this lust for luxury
Just to show you, there’s a better me
Dressed to impress a stranger’s eyes
My friends have seen the mess I hide
The lengths I strive, for those I dislike
Maybe it’s time, for luxury to be redefined


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