swearing in writing? is it necesary

I’ve written scenes involving domestic abuse, sexist and homophobic language, violence, descriptions of drug dealing and detailed sexual behaviour. However, I still paused to reflect on my use of a specific four-letter word. What was I trying to say with this word, that I couldn’t have said with a lessContinue Reading


I wish I could commit to you But she left me with commitment issues So, I chose your love to misuse Because I thought I couldn’t miss you How wrong was I?   I thought it was meant to be one-night That I could make last over time As ifContinue Reading

lord henry wotton in the film adaptation

“You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.” Oscar Wilde first published the philosophical The Picture of Dorian Gray in a magazine in 1890. However, the editor considered the account too indecent for his magazine’sContinue Reading

lucky friend

Spending days boasting about your success.   How lucky am I? to have a friend like you, perfectly broken with the strength to reshape the mould.   As I dream in the shadows of a life we used to lead unable to raise a finger and be the man youContinue Reading

Last month, I drunkenly dragged my friend into a bookshop despite his protests. I picked up a handful of books, and he thrust a thick 600 pager onto my pile. It was a fantasy novel. My friend assured me it was a good read, but having held it, I decidedContinue Reading

I had an addiction to tobacco smoke Breathed in flames that made me choke As I robbed myself of the youthful glow Before I had a chance to let it grow old   I drowned in a bottle of ‘water of life.’ Educated by alcoholics who taught us right StumbledContinue Reading


NaNoWriMo comes around once a year, and anyone who follows a writing blog will at least be familiar with the month-long November event. Most writers think it’s fun, but some consider it proof that they’re the finest writer of a generation. But what does it take to take part, andContinue Reading

hogwarts house badges

I was nine or ten when I started reading a book with a red background and the protagonist’s name in yellow capital letters. The front of a red train raced from the page. The painted destination read Hogwarts Express. A bewildered cartoon figure with thin circular glasses and a lightningContinue Reading

Everyone’s out, searching for love Some fall from their branch of lust Quick to forgive with a broken trust Thinking clear is something no one does So, we’re prone to stupid decisions Hoping she listens, hope he isn’t drinking This hope we’re given, creating distance Because nobodies speaking to listenContinue Reading