I gave up whisky, women, and sinning
Gave up meat, and turned vegan
I finally let go of nicotine’s hold
Cooked dinner for myself at home
Directed my energy into working hard
And working out, decided to put partying last
Lived for Monday mornings, not Friday nights
The time was right to change my life
Get my January 1st on, 10am on Saturday
Then it’s wet and wild, 10pm every Saturday
Then it’s back to whisky, women, and sinning
Burger king, smoking, and full speed living
Live fast, die young, that’s what we live for
This is my life, you can give up yours
But I’ve tried it all before, to no applause
And for the entire 3 hours, I was bored
I thought I needed to change my life
But tonight’s, not the right night to try

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