I seem to compare love and war a lot in my poetry, and i’m not sure why. Maybe the two are inseparable. Human life is valuable, yet we treat those we love like we treat those we hate. Lets make peace a reality.

Have you picked your weapons?
The firearms to light the present
Or a serrated blade severing spinal cords
Polishing steel as we prepare for war
As we cut the ties that bind us
The sacrifice we make to divide our love
Our final touch, as we make intimate cuts
Sentiments flush from the intricate trust
Written in the stars, sitting apart
A universe between us, a distant past
Take my life, in the name of the war you fight
The choice between you and I is suicide
I’m not ready to rethink independence
Standing in the booth, abandoned by co-defendants
Murdered by the lies we’ve told ourselves
These padded walls warm my frozen cell
Our friendship collides with your war crimes
Genocide lives to tell the story of our times
I’ll lay my entire arsenal at your feet
So aim your weapon in any direction you please
I’ll surrender my empire, forgive my enemies
You can claim the victory, just let me breathe

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