I’ve learned, liars rarely tell the truth

The only truth is the truth is usually loose

Cheaters never play fair and break rules

Heartbreakers, break hearts and make us fools


I’ve learned love is a beautiful concept

A hateful reality and a vengeful consequence

Infidelity is a state of a lover’s discontent

And love is rape with consent


I’ve learned, the first leads to second chances

We never grow, we just attend better parties

All my best friends for life soon departed

And there isn’t much between fortune and hardship


I’ve learned, second place is never the best

But setting the standard too high alienates the rest

Intelligence can’t be defined by a test

Despite what it says, religion is not your friend


I’ve learned, loyalty is never returned

Treat her like royalty, watch your empire burn

Money talks, sex sells, the language of earth

Now my ex is selling talking money, just to be heard


Everything I’ve learned seems obvious

But obviously, I’m ignorant, blind and oblivious



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