When I write these introductions, I’m tempted to annotate the poem. It’s not to aid your understanding of the piece, most of my poetry I believe is understandable. Sometimes I write some confusing lines, and If I’m honest they confuse me too. Upon reflection, years after they were originally written, I ponder over a line and wonder what went through my mind when I wrote it.

However, with this poem, I remember it completely. I wrote it on my way to the airport as I headed out to Gaborone where William, Ben and I would start our epic road trip around Southern Africa. Most of my poetry comes from this period when I was writing constantly about love and lust, and how terrible of a man I am.

I want to annotate the poem and explain what some of the lines mean to me. What my thinking behind each line represents, but as a reader, half of the enjoyment comes from relating to the way something makes me feel, regardless of the writer’s intention. That philosophy shouldn’t change because I’m the writer. My readers should determine what they believe the poem’s about. Whatever the outcome, we’re all right.


I don’t mean to break your heart

Whatever the outcome you’ll take it hard

How did a drunken kiss lead to this

The tortured soul you’re pleading with


We do it in the name of a good time

The rush we feel from chasing a high

We fall in love, wake up and move on

The nights littered with victims to choose from


Can you feel the loneliness slowly fade?

A sign of importance when I know your name

Time of my life, as your heart breaks

I’m searching for the next, to last half a day


I led you on when I should have let you go

Convinced you, I’m not all the men you’ve known

When I’m the same, but with sweeter words

Whispering sweet lies, I can’t treat you worse



Thanks for reading. What did you think of the poem?



  1. Sounds like a m arvellous trip, from Botswana to points south. Your poetry is great – keep it up!

    1. Author

      It was a great trip. Beautiful scenery, incredible wildlife and amazing people. Thanks for the compliment too.

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