Hold me down

as you take my breath away

Hold my hand

make freedom hard to contemplate

Hold my heart

as it beats to the rhythm of your love

as you hold my life

in the palm of your hand,

waiting for it to erupt.


What is love, intertwined with suffering?

We meant every fight as every sweet nothing

We whispered when we were falling fast

We slowed down, but couldn’t talk it out

We were the fools, who couldn’t co-exist

Memories stuffed in a box, you can keep it

As I set fire to every one of these photographs

We’ll cry now, but in hindsight, we’ll laugh

As we reminisce about the distant past

When you and I were hardly apart

Remember when we’d scream and shout?

And what was all of that crying about?

We were young then, love was a breeze

Now aged and bittersweet, falling isn’t easy

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