Dialogue inspired this piece. Before starting a novel, the majority of my writing involved a form of rhyme schemes, and that’s evident by the near rhymes here. It’s one of the only pieces I wrote while working on my first few drafts. My novel played a massive role in the development of the poem.

I’ve based the poem on a conversation between two lovers discussing their romantic intentions. The difference between the two perspectives features heavily in my novel. In my personal experience, men and women think differently when it comes to sex and relationship. My book focuses on communication and the effect on intimacy when forms of communication break.

Dialogue is an essential part of storytelling, and writing it can prove challenging at times, but I hope I’ve managed to utilise the technique effectively. I wrote this as a form of practice, and I’ve developed a fondness for the final piece. Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


He said, “I don’t see a future with you.”
She said, “Yeah, you do.”
He said “this time we’re through”
But she flat out refused.
He said, “Come over tonight.”
She said, “Fine.”
He said, “is it cool if we can be friends
And be casual when it comes to sex?”
She never read between the lines
Of intercourse and a patriarch’s mind
So, she said everything was fine
And carried on as his bit on the side.
He said anything he had to
And she heard “I want to get back with you.”
When “let’s be friends that have sex”  
Was all he said.
She never heard a word he said
And he never understood what she meant
Because he said, then, she said
And neither of them made sense
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