I remember the first time

I saw the fire inside you ignite

Your smile came to life

The moment I made you cry


Many precious seconds

But the first sip of heaven

Was the first of many lessons

Fairy tales come alive if you let them


We were lost, and singing poetry

Refused to submit to broken dreams

We were born to succeed

When you were introduced to me


We were the talk of the town

Holding our fears as we walked around

Love made the sweetest sound

But on silent nights, peace rung loud


And the first time you left me alone

You left a hundred texts on my phone

That was how you’d let me know

No matter what, you’d never let us go


But then, there was the first fight

And it grew faster than we would’ve liked

Lust-fuelled nights filled with violent sighs

But we only get one, last time.

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