I love my poem, Feud. The rhymes scheme feels simple but not forced. It involves a lot of half-rhyme, and I’m some people see that style as lazy or weak, but I was raised on music, especially Hip-Hop. In Songwriting, the rhymes aren’t always direct like in cat, hat, bat, but as long as words sound similar when spoken or sung, then the rhythm remains constant. Such as the reason behind the use of erect to rhyme with intent below.

This poem is about a broken relationship and the circular in motion in which these bonds revolve. If you’ve struggled to dump a toxic person, you’re not alone. Sometimes our favourite people are the worst people in our lives. Looking back, we wonder how we let them control our lives, but at the moment, you can’t escape how you feel. Disclaimer, I can’t claim to speak for everyone, but this is my experience told in rhyme.

Enjoy the poem.


We spoiled the end

with those feuds we’d invent

made enemies of friends

who stood by us when

bricks fell, and steel bent

and all that held us erect

collapsed with intent

and we withdrew consent

from the words we meant

then laughed when we said

we’d never do it again.


You know how I feel about this poem and its rhyme scheme, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments, let me know if you think the rhyme scheme works or if it ruins the flow. Do you like it? Art is subjective, and everyone has an opinion, critique is the right of every reader. Let’s talk.

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Thanks for reading, Feud, and my love of different rhyme schemes.


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