It happens as reflections bounce off the walls
Fireworks of violence echo through the halls
With effeminate screams and childish shrieks
Claret leaks and steals grown men from the streets
Traffic diverted from the chaos that reigns
Police barricade the scene with luminous tape
Cameras flash, a flock of cockroaches invade
And another fugitive fatally seals his escape
Labelled him young, raised him to be a villain
Questioned every decision, poverty-driven
Abandoned children let the lies remain hidden
As the toff’s marvel at mastery but ignore dickens
Slum lords sing to a chorus of banking and politics
As we strive to attain an elusive scholarship
Uneducated and expected to do the opposite
Find a sense of direction with a corrupt economist
Reality lives in the mind of the make believers
But people die around here, waiting on Jesus
And without reason, we lost a genius
Because he was off selling dreams to demons

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