This is a breakup poem about realising your jewellery is worthless. What if you’ve spent years admiring your collection, only to discover it’s plastic masquerading as pearls or aluminium glistening with a lick of gold paint.  What if all we’d found was coal?

I can’t remember what inspired me to write this piece. Maybe, one or two bad breakups, but this poem isn’t about anyone. It’s more of a concept examining the bitterness behind a breakup. Not all relationship breakups are negative, but many of them are, in fact, a lot of great literature stems from the harmful impact of expired love. No one ever won an award for the ‘but now we’re just good friends’ genre. But there’s always time.


I know I’m supposed to be jealous,

And I’m sorry to disappoint you again

But you should be used to it by now

I was never as perfect as your friend


I’ve seen the pictures and those new faces

And I’m sure they think they know you

A heart of gold, and a smile unlike mine

You’re everyone’s friend in a photobooth


He thought he dug up a diamond

When you slumped yourself in his lap

And that’s true; you’re something special

But mines are prone to collapse


So when you get bored, I’ll be in a pub

With a cold beer for him to hold

We all want to find diamonds and gold

But fall for a well-polished nugget of coal


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the poem. If you’re going through a bad breakup, remember things get better, and that the perfect stranger you’re pining after, probably doesn’t exist. Sorry. If you are in love, stick with it, they’re probably amazing, what do I know?

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Thank you again.

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