In 2016, I joined William Steel, a fantastic wildlife photographer and my best mate, on a road trip around the southern countries of Africa. During our visit to the beautiful Namibia, we visited the Namib Sand Sea, a UNESCO world heritage site. There are limited words to describe the natural peace, despite the sheer volume of people wandering among the tress and climbing the surrounding sand dunes. Naturally, Will pointed his camera at everything, but I’ve always preferred words. Here is my attempt to describe what I saw. I hope I did this wonder justice.

Mountains blockade the sun
Red illuminates the ground with dust
Humans crawl for majestic peace
Enthralled by the sight of the death of trees
Untouched by love, a celibate land
Innocence kept from the hands of a desperate man
We trample over such beautiful things
Trying to reach closer to the beauty within
People gather and listen to silent music
The sun beats down; a cool breeze swoops in
Not a murmur heard over eloquent peace
A metaphor for death if you ever do need
Silence fills the air, wind speaks in sombre tones
The backdrop tells stories we long to know
The media tells us that we’ve heard it all
You’ve heard nothing until you’ve heard nothing at all
Cameras flash, trying to capture the scene
As dead wood stands as A-list celebrities
A little oasis, once nothing more than a lake
Admire the beauty of deaths true greatness
Stood there in the symmetry of a cemetery
This image is as perfect as any picture can be
But if there was ever a lesson to be learnt
It’s this: Dead trees can shine in a desert

Pics by William Steel, Photographer. 

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