A reader asked me how to start a good blog, but I honestly didn’t have an honest answer available because I’ve never thought about it. What does it mean to be a good blogger? That’s not a question anyone can answer, it varies from blogger to reader, and tastes changeContinue Reading

essentieal reading in great storytelling

Like any good writer, I was supposed to write something new but ended up binge-watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix. When I’m not writing, I read a lot, and the professionals tell you a good writer must read, read, read and not squander there creative days in frontContinue Reading

lightbulb in a dialogue speech bubble

Dialogue in its purest form is a means of communication, whether written or spoken. In literature, it’s the technique that depicts two or more characters engaged in a conversation. We use Dialogue in writing, the same way we use speech in real life, to show ourselves or characters. Telling aContinue Reading

reading a dictionary with glasses for words

When I try and describe the function of language, I’m reminded, by the younger me who dreamt of attending Hogwarts, by the words of the late great Albus Dumbledore. ‘Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.’ I intend to causeContinue Reading

Sitting down to write can be a daunting thought. Whether it’s a post or novel, it can be tricky. We must find a way to arrange coherent sentences and inform or describe and makes sense with the vocabulary at our disposal. To make it easier, we work and develop ourContinue Reading

Today marks three years since I started writing my novel. Well, it’s three years since I began tracking my progress. Well, today marks the day I first acknowledged the writing process. I actually started thinking about it sometime in November after a drink with a friend. And although I stillContinue Reading

blank notepad, mybe write some famous facts about authors

We writers are a strange bunch indeed. It’s in the job description, to have an imagination more varied than anyone considers normal. Bedside’s who wants to be normal. It’s a dull life where nothing really happens. We need that little voice of insanity to pull us from the drool ofContinue Reading

swearing in writing? is it necesary

I’ve written scenes involving domestic abuse, sexist and homophobic language, violence, descriptions of drug dealing and detailed sexual behaviour. However, I still paused to reflect on my use of a specific four-letter word. What was I trying to say with this word, that I couldn’t have said with a lessContinue Reading