This is a breakup poem about realising your jewellery is worthless. What if you’ve spent years admiring your collection, only to discover it’s plastic masquerading as pearls or aluminium glistening with a lick of gold paint.  What if all we’d found was coal? I can’t remember what inspired me toContinue Reading

space and writers block. an empty pad

To start, I owe everyone who wrote my Inspire Me to Write article because I lied and said I’d posted this poem. I want to correct that error by sharing the piece with you now. If you’ve read the post, you might remember the story behind the poem, but ifContinue Reading

lead you on, shattered ink to annotate a love poem

When I write these introductions, I’m tempted to annotate the poem. It’s not to aid your understanding of the piece, most of my poetry I believe is understandable. Sometimes I write some confusing lines, and If I’m honest they confuse me too. Upon reflection, years after they were originally written,Continue Reading


I’m the one, she regrets The one she wishes she could forget For all the tears, I made her taste Not once was I as brave.   I’m the one, time forgot One night when the music stopped As we danced off into the night Awoke and said our goodbyes.Continue Reading

This is a part of my writers closet series. It’s the first piece, but I’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time to writing about how difficult I find it to share my writing. It’s easy to schedule a post and share it with strangers I’ll probably never meet, but IContinue Reading

angle grinder for cutting steel, used in the poem feud to show a love of rhyme schemes

I love my poem, Feud. The rhymes scheme feels simple but not forced. It involves a lot of half-rhyme, and I’m some people see that style as lazy or weak, but I was raised on music, especially Hip-Hop. In Songwriting, the rhymes aren’t always direct like in cat, hat, bat,Continue Reading

I don’t give thanks enough As if I need a reason to love Chase demons I named lust A cheesy smile and I wish them luck But I don’t need a reason to fuck   I don’t say the things I should do And even if I did, I’d probablyContinue Reading

Brush the dust off my shirt and tie Swear an oath to a perverted lie Did you raise me to put me down Arraign me, for the loss you found Recite your evidence to the crown As the jester laughs with the crowd Entertain these clowns with an execution AsContinue Reading

I broke her heart and you called me the devil left her begging for help with pebbles but I was up and gone as I ripped up the roots of her petals   She broke my heart and you still smile at an angel curse at me because she wasContinue Reading

You’ve seen me smile Brought me these drinks We confessed our dreams for all these fancy things is that why you call me a friend?   you’ve tasted the tears I’ve let fall from my eyes but haven’t felt any of the pain I’ve felt inside and yet, you stillContinue Reading

I made myself a promise to move on and just like everyone I’ve made you I broke it.   Now I walk over cracked glass trying to piece the bricks together fractured in the knowledge you’re never coming home again.