So, this year I’ve posted 68 poems, which is more than expected looking back considering I post them under the category Poem of the Week. However, when I first started blogging, I posted far more poetry than any other content. Now, I like to talk about writing, specifically my writing.Continue Reading


NaNoWriMo comes around once a year, and anyone who follows a writing blog will at least be familiar with the month-long November event. Most writers think it’s fun, but some consider it proof that they’re the finest writer of a generation. But what does it take to take part, andContinue Reading

thinking about writing

What should writing represent? Some think writing should represent a wider society, but I believe it’s bigger than that. I believe writing should represent the individual and how they fit into the wider community. The worlds too diverse to capture it in its entirety but the focus on one person’sContinue Reading

september to do list with autumn leaves, used as my blogging journey

I started my blogging journey in 2016, posting poetry and spoken word performances on SoundCloud. I built a decent following, not huge numbers, but a few supporters who engaged with my poems and helped me build my confidence. I’d never aspired to blog my opinions or tell stories because all I’d wanted to do was share my poetry.