An open letter to my mental health. Everyone thinks I’m reclusive and that’s in part due to the effect you’ve had on me. I never asked to hide away and bury myself in a notebook, but it’s the way everything seemed to fit together. The way I fought to dealContinue Reading


I live to write, but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. Now, I’ve said it, it sounds like a depressing existence, but it isn’t really, it’s just my favourite pass time. It’s all I’ve done from an earlyContinue Reading

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Forget the Cambridge Analytica scandal; I have a far more personal grievance with Social Media. I hate using it. All of it, there isn’t one social media site I wish to use more, or better. There’s nothing genuine about it. It’s supposed to make our lives easier and let usContinue Reading

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“Great photography is a combination of beauty and intrigue.” William Steel. I’ve filled my site with incredible images. Some stock, and some of them I technically hold rights to, despite never snapping a decent picture myself or having paid for the privilege of using them. There’s no fair use policy,Continue Reading

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What should writing represent? Some think writing should represent a wider society, but I believe it’s bigger than that. I believe writing should represent the individual and how they fit into the wider community. The worlds too diverse to capture it in its entirety but the focus on one person’sContinue Reading

Now, this is a story all about jokes and laughs and emotional moments that will make grown men cry. When NBC commissioned the first series of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, nobody thought the show would become a cult classic. Sure, a sitcom produced by Quincy, and starring a platinum-selling loveableContinue Reading