My blogging journey began in 2016, posting poetry and spoken word performances on SoundCloud. I built a decent following, not huge numbers, but a few supporters who engaged with my poems and helped me build my confidence. I’d never aspired to blog my opinions or tell stories because all I’d wanted to do was share my poetry.

Towards the end of 2016, I started writing a novel. Since then, I’ve written numerous redrafts and spent a lot of time researching and developing my writing style. I’ve also travelled a lot since then, and I remember things by writing them down. On our road trip through southern Africa, I didn’t consider travel writing viable, but I did write poetry about my adventures. However, having started writing without rhyming, I began to enjoy the process, and to a large extent, the freedom.

I neglected my poetry as I focused on my work-in-progress. Once, I’d started another draft, I realised I might never finish a version that satisfies me. I also had stories from my travels and poems I wanted to share. In August, I started posting Poetry again. In September, I began posting different articles about my writing / blogging journey and things that have inspired me.

What’s my favourite post from this month?

Any of the travel tales. If I must choose one, I’d pick The Empty Shop, although I posted it at the end of August. I’d started writing a different article, more of a review of our Morocco experience but as the piece developed, it became clear that some moments deserved more attention. Thus, Travel Tales was born.

If I’m strict and stick to the criteria of choosing a post from this month, then I’d pick Who Needs A Raincoat from Victoria falls. Our African road trip was a long time ago, but it’s full of memories worth remembering. Ben messaged me on Instagram to remember the good times. Sometimes it’s better to reminisce than create new memories.

What post from this month feels most unexpected?

The ten lessons I learned from the Fresh Prince surprised me. I never expected to write a post like it, but I enjoyed writing it. It’s probably encouraged me to expand my content into areas more varied than the prominent topics related to writing. I don’t want to veer away from what my blog stands for, but there are many elements to what inspires me as a writer.

This post came about once I started watching the Fresh Prince again on Netflix. I always look for youtube videos to view while eating dinner. Usually, it’s a vlog or user-generated documentary, but one Fresh Prince episode was short enough to not distract me from reading or writing. However, I finished all six seasons within this month.

The first episode reminded me of all the writing advice I’ve read over the years about reading. The scene was so well-written, it made me wonder if writers could learn from different forms of storytelling. Once, I’d featured the fresh prince in one post about storytelling, it made sense to include it on my blog. After all, it’s a show that inspired me, so it doesn’t feel out of place. It’s a part of my blogging journey. 

What else have I been up to this month?

I’ve spent most of this month writing new content, and designing my website, but I’m never happy with the final product. I know the blogging process is still fresh, but the lack of content makes it challenging to build a front page that doesn’t look static and repetitive. I guess all great things take time.

Aside from writing, I’ve worked my ‘real’ job a lot. I started in a new location last month, and I’ve had a lot of readjusting to do. I’ve also had to work a lot of hours filling in for other staff, which reduced my writing time. I deserve a holiday, maybe October will see one and another travel tale to write.

What’s coming next month?

More content. I’ve worked on a posting schedule but keep changing my mind as I figure out what’s best to post and when. I’ve settled on four posts week including a poem of the week, which I’m likely to publish Mondays at 5 pm. In terms of everything else, I haven’t settled on publishing times yet, but I have several posts ready to go.

I have another post to fit into The Art of Poetry series. This one looks at the work of Eminem. I’ve profiled William Steel who’s work features heavily on my profile, and he appears in numerous Travel Tales. There’s also a lot of writing advice articles and different lists coming up. I’m excited to see what October brings in terms of creativity. If I do go on holiday, I’ll have to write a lot to keep on schedule.

One of my first planned posts is a Writers Manifesto, as I want to build a creativity filled about page. I always want to get more active on social media, so if you have InstagramPinterest, or Twitter, follow me and let’s talk.


Thank you for reading with me this September. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow me on my blogging journey. 


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