I have the privilege of knowing some wonderful people, but sometimes friendships don’t work out for reasons beyond our control. When things go wrong, it can feel like the whole world is against us, but still those friends we made strangers fight for us. Enjoy the poem.

I said I’ll fight for my foot soldiers
but circumstances got a foothold
I showed her the loyalty of a mercenary
as thanks for the way she served me

That wasn’t the intention of mine
but that’s how a friendship’s defined
You’ve got to know when to sever the spine
all’s fair, when it’s not the fairest of lives

I promised to defend her name in these fights
but to win, you’ve got learn to switch sides
We crossed the border, drew battle lines
But how do I retract my knife from her spine

I forgive her for whatever she didn’t do
So, forgive me for what I was supposed to
But don’t forget why I crossed enemy lines
I’ll walk into a war for any friend of mine


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