Let me be your approval
You’re not what they’d call normal
But they’re not perfect
The distribution of flaws isn’t equal

Blue hair becomes the norm
But I’m still sporting the red
Their tastes changed once more
But nobody kept me informed

Yesterday, I led the in-crowd
Then the man at the back shouted
My followers turned around
And I’m trying to catch up now

I’ve always been one step too far
Or too far removed from the start
Too fat when I needed to be thin
Too thin when I needed to be fat

Too masculine for their heated debates
But not man enough to be led astray
Its never the right attire I have on
So, again, they yell and tell me I’m wrong  

Now, I’m too far in front
But it’s not my problem this time
It’s up to the crowd I left behind  
And if they don’t catch up, I’ll be fine

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