This is one of the first shorter poems I wrote, hence the name A Poet is Born. It’s typical of my early style to write four stanzas of four lines due to my love for hip-hop. I’ve used a simple AB rhyme scheme and a lot of indirect rhyme (both of which I love using.) 

I’ve tried to show the difficulties involved in writing at times. Sometimes the words flow from the pen easily, and at others, it involves staring at an empty page for hours on end until you begin to question your sanity. If you’ve felt the same way, or disagree let me know in the comments. 


I love writing, the freedom it encompasses
an outlet for anger, the emotions it manages
the depression it overcomes, the smile it provides
the priceless gift, as the anguish subsides
I hate writing, the stress it emphasises
Anger pulsates, the emotion I fight with
depression sets in, smiles become rare
the endless curse, and the joy buried there
A full mind is hidden in an empty page
a pen-driven to extinction by an endless gaze
finding sentences to match, lost in search
a lost time filled with fulfilment, found in words
Letters come together and force out words,
and a sentence adds to a statements worth
love nurtures the course of human growth,
but a poet is born from the destruction of hope
 Thanks for reading “A Poet is Born.” I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe for regularl content updates. I’m also on Instagram, where I post more poetry. 


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